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Plastic Surgery Scar Removal

Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Scar Removal At Eve Clinics, we understand and appreciate the toll scarring can take on your confidence and self-esteem. Scarring doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to your health, but can nonetheless make it difficult or take pride in your appearance. Unfortunately, scarring is an inevitable consequence of most types of plastic surgery. Whether you’ve undergone plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes or for the benefit of your health, you may have been left with prominent or extensive scarring. Irrespective of the nature and severity of the issue, we can help. Eve Clinics offers the latest plastic surgery scar removal treatments, using cutting-edge CO2 lasers for unbeatable results. Capable of repairing damage to the skin and treating pigmentation issues around the affected area, the results of our scar removal treatments are both impressive and long lasting. For more [...]

Intimate Rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch

Intimate Rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch So, you’re finally here, you’ve been putting it off for a while but you’re ready to take that step to conquer the symptoms of menopause. Fear not. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers a brilliant solution to vaginal comfort. Our specialists are highly trained in women’s health and with our MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser treatment, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Menopause, a natural process which occurs in the later stages of women’s lives, can come with numerous side effects. These side effects can affect women’s lives quite significantly when it comes to comfort and confidents. The most common symptoms of menopause are Vaginal dryness, burning and itching Lichen Sclerosis (itchy white patches) Reduced vaginal laxity Dyspareunia (Painful intercourse) Urinary Symptoms It is important to note that, as before mentioned, [...]

Choosing CO2 Laser Treatment to Remove Skin Tags Could be the Answer You’re Looking for.

Choosing CO2 Laser Treatment to Remove Skin Tags Could be the Answer You’re Looking for. It is common that when skin tags first appear people won’t usually know what they are. Skin tags are a skin coloured growth on the skin which appear as either a small peduncle of a stalk. Very common amongst men and women over 50 but generally can appear through early adulthood. Skin tags are harmless, most commonly located on the eyelids, groin, neck, thighs and sometimes underneath the breasts. While usually small, the location and size of the skin tags can cause irritation. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers an impressive co2 laser cosmetic treatment which targets the skin tags and eliminates them leaving smoother more aesthetically pleasing skin without irritation. Our specialists at Eve Clinics, London, Knightsbridge, are highly trained in using [...]

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Cosmetic Mole Removal Moles are a delicate part of our epidermis so there’s no surprise as to why that is. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, is here to inform anyone who is looking to get moles removed of the process and the correct way of going about it. At our clinic we have the latest technology which can help you in the journey of achieving smoother skin. All of our treatments are done by our laser specialists with over 10 years’ experience. Let’s get to understanding what a mole is and why some people want to get them removed and why some are anxious about it. Moles, essentially, are a cluster of cells in the skin, the same cells which give us the pigmentation of our skin. Moles can appear, flat or raised and can be dark or [...]

Why Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the go-to treatment for skin irregularities

Why Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the go-to treatment for skin irregularities If you are worried about acne scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation or stretch marks then the DEKA CO2 laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment could be for you. This popular cosmetic treatment is paving the way through the cosmetic industry and we’re here to tell you why and how you can reap the benefits. As the skin is the largest and one of the most complex organs it’s no surprise that complications with the skin such as stretch marks, acne scars, actinic keratosis and blemishes can arise. In most cases irregularities are a result of natural processes such as aging and other factors out of our control including environmental effects. It used to be that these irregularities could not be treated or incredibly expensive to treat. However, today Eve Clinics in [...]

Stretch Mark Removal London

Stretch Mark Removal Stretch mark removal specialist treatments are available in London and Leamington Spa Eve Clinics branches. When talking about stretch marks we are bombarded with imagery of unaesthetic lines across our body. So, what exactly are they? Why do they occur and are there treatments available to get rid of them once and for all! Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers a brilliantly effective solution to improving the appearance of stretch marks, but first, let’s explain what they are. Our skin is exceptionally stretchy, the reason for this is natures gift of elastin in our skin. As we grow our skin grows with us, pretty smart right. There’s one caveat however, much like an elastic band if pulled to hard it can snap, as elastic as it is. This is very similar to the way [...]

Body skin tightening using our revolutionary Co2 cosmetic treatment

Body skin tightening using our revolutionary Co2 cosmetic treatment Excess skin is one of the main cosmetic issue people have, especially when it comes to their overall self-confidence. Fortunately, technology within the aesthetics industry has evolved majorly within the last decade giving people with these imperfections an opportunity to feel their best and regain their confidence safely and effectively. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers a fantastic solution to body skin tightening. Providing unapparelled expertise from our specialists who have over 20 years’ experience in the aesthetic field.  The DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 laser is one of the most sophisticated lasers’ which has proved to provide impressive results in skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and tightening. Excess skin can happen anywhere on the body including the face, our CO2 laser is non-invasive and safe to use in sensitive areas such [...]

Tummy tuck skin tightening laser therapy

Tummy tuck skin tightening laser therapy Tummy tucks, namely abdominoplasties, is a procedure which endeavours to remove excess skin and residue fat around the belly. Tummy tucks are the go-to treatment for those post childbirth and weight loss. Our skin is a notorious shape shifter, when our bodies change shape it does the same. This is an incredible process which allows us to be all sorts of shapes and sizes. The caveat to this is that when we revert back to our before shape the skin will not follow, thus creating a look of excess. This can be an aesthetic issue for many leading those to sought treatment to improve their look. This is where Eve Clinics comes in, with our innovative and sophisticated laser treatment right in the heart of Knightsbridge, London. Our CO2 laser treatments are [...]

Don’t miss out! Find out more about our modern skin laser treatments

Don’t miss out! Find out more about our modern skin laser treatments We all know that technology is constantly changing, at a rate which at times can be hard to follow! The aesthetics industry is not exempt from this. In fact, the aesthetics industry is one of the fastest growing industries with more people looking to improve their look. It is for this reason that up-to-date technology is paramount to keeping up with demand. It used to be that small to moderate imperfections were usually ignored as easy and fast treatments were not available to improve them. Whether it’s acne scars, stretch marks or skin tags finding the right treatments to improve these were either difficult or too expensive. Today, Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers a multitude of cosmetic laser treatments that are not only incredibly effective [...]

Have you had Liposuction? Aren’t happy with post-surgery scarring? Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge can help!

Have you had Liposuction? Aren’t happy with post-surgery scarring? Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge can help! Liposuction is one of the most perfumed cosmetic surgeries, usually synonymous with rapid weight loss that has been mentioned in mainstream media for years. What a lot of people don’t know is that much like any other invasive surgery Liposuction can leave an unaesthetic scar. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge offers a brilliant solution to those who have had liposuction and wish to complete their journey to confidence and perfection! Liposuction surgical procedure is performed by inserting cannulas, hollow tubes, in the area where fat is wanting to be removed. Each individual who has Liposuction will have a different amount of fat removed. In any case, a scar will be left where an incision is made and where each skin has its [...]

Skin Lightening/Whitening

Skin Lightening/Whitening Co2 laser skin lightening treatments are as popular as ever. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers experienced CO2 laser treatment specialists who endeavour to give clients the results they are looking for. The big question is why are people so actively seeking skin lightening and what are the benefits? Our bodies produce melanin which is a natural pigmentation that gives our skin it’s colour. In some area’s hyperpigmentation occurs where the skin is darker than the surrounding areas. The most common areas for these sorts of hyperpigmentation are underarms, elbows, neck and intimate areas. For those seeking an even tone of the skin, lightening is their first point of call, but what treatments are being offered. The most common treatments for these irregulates are using bleaching agents to lighten the skin. The caveat here is that [...]

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