Age Spot Removal

by CO2 Laser

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Laser Specialist

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Treatment Time

10 – 30 Minutes

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After 1 session



Age spots, also known as liver spots, sunspots or solar lentigines are small, flat, dark spots that appear on the skin as a result of the ageing process. They often appear on areas exposed to the sun, being seen on the face, hands and neck area. These spots can be easily removed using the DEKA CO2 laser at our clinic in Leamington Spa, a safe non-surgical option with excellent cosmetic results. The Candela Nd-Yag laser is also effective for age spot removal in some cases.

Treatment Areas

  • Face

  • Around the eyes

  • Hands / Arms

  • Back

  • Shoulders

  • Areas exposed to the sun

Treatment Benefits

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Performed by a laser specialist

  • Quick treatment, minimal number of sessions required

  • Amazing cosmetic results

Age spots develop over time as a result of exposure to the sun. It is highly likely that you will develop at least a few age spots at some point in your life. Age spots or sunspots are mostly found on the face and due to their visibility, patients opt for non-surgical and non-invasive removal of age spots. These spots vary in size and colour.

All skin types can be affected by age spots, however they often appear on lighter skin tones. These spots do not go away over time and cosmetic treatment is needed to lighten or remove them. Age spots or liver spots are flat and are typically the size of a 5 pence piece, although can be as small as a freckle. Colour wise, they are normally dark brown or tan. Patients often develop multiple age spots in one area too, making them more noticeable. Sun spots can also appear at any age, although mostly appear after the age of 50.

Age spots develop due to an excess production of melanin, or skin pigment. Ultraviolet rays can trigger the body to generate melanin and over time, age spots appear due to a build-up, or clusters of melanin forming. Those who use sunbeds are also highly likely to develop age spots at some point in their life, as well as other skin imperfections.

Liver spots can be seen as unsightly, which is why patients opt for cosmetic removal. Age spots can also often affect the self-confidence of many due to them being on exposed areas of the body. Sun spot removal at our Leamington Spa clinic is performed by our laser specialists who have decades of experience.

We use the Deka SmartXide CO2 or Candela Nd-Yag laser to quickly and painlessly remove these lesions. The laser requires very little downtime and is a great alternative to more invasive skin rejuvenation procedures. Deka and Candela are backed by decades of clinical research & studies. They are two of the safest lasers on the market. The laser targets only the skin lesion in question, leaving the nearby skin unharmed. The SmartXide Touch is an ablative laser that works by removing the thin outer layer of the affected skin. It then heats up the underlying skin to stimulate the production of collagen. As the skin is renewed after treatment, younger looking, fresher skin is revealed. The laser works to sterilize the area, resulting in no blood and little risk of scarring or hypo/hyperpigmentation.

Prior to treatment, all patients will require a full medical consultation for us to assess the lesions and devise a treatment plan. During your consultation we will take a full medical history to ensure you are suitable for treatment too. After patients have agreed to the procedure, we will take necessary precautions like applying numbing cream to make the process more comfortable and applying eye protection if the lesions are close to the eyes.

The procedure will take approximately 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how many age spots and the size of the lesions. Normally, patients require only one treatment for effective removal but sometimes we advise repeated sessions. We always aim to remove the entire cluster of lesions to avoid the chance of any regrowth.

Age spot removal with the CO2 laser is suitable for all skin types, however hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation is more common in those with a darker skin type. During your consultation, we will discuss any risks involved and you will have a chance to ask our laser specialist any questions.

Age spot removal without surgery is very popular and we specialise in lesion removal treatments.

Age Spot Removal Videos

Removal with Alexandrite Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

We can remove a number of age spots during treatment. As age spots often form in clusters, we find most patients often have more than one lesion removed at once.

We advise patients not to drive immediately after treatment if the lesion is close to the eyes. Because we use a numbing injection or cream, there is a small chance that the eyes will be impacted temporarily by this, resulting in mild swelling or blurriness. In the rare event, this will subside within a few hours. The procedure is not risky for the eyes. The CO2 laser is able to target the lesion only, leaving the healthy tissue surrounding it intact.

Those who regularly use sun beds or go outdoors without wearing SPF are more likely to develop age spots, or other skin concerns. Ultraviolet rays speed up the ageing process. Those who work outside are also more likely to develop age spots.

Treatments are very simple and quick so you do not need to prepare for the procedure in any way.

We advise not to wash the area treated in the first day but you can wash the next morning.

Immediately after the procedure, depending on which laser has been used, you will have a very small dark scab on the area treated which will fall off in less than one week. Please do not peel it off. You must leave it to come off naturally.

If you have multiple age spots, we would advise you to have a patch test prior procedure.

Also, avoid hot baths, swimming pool and hot tubs for up to 1 week. Eve Clinics will advise you to use skincare as well. Hypericum Gel, Soft derm serum, helps with the recovery time.

Sun protection should be applied too if you go outside. If you are concerned, please contact our clinic.

Age spots can appear on the skin of both men and women. Removal is suitable for everybody.

Age spots will not go away on their own and cosmetic removal is necessary.

As with any cosmetic, aesthetic, surgical or laser procedure, there are risks. These include hyperpigmentation, where the skin appears darker in the area being treated. There is also a risk of hypopigmentation in all skin types. Scarring is also possible but rare. Risks are minimised by using appropriate and high quality equipment. If scarring occurs, Eve Clinics specialise in scar removal.

Patients can avoid the appearance of age spots, or prevent further spots from forming by applying sun cream regularly in areas that are exposed. You should also stay in the shade where possible.

Most of the time, age spots are successfully removed in only one session. Occasionally, depending on the skin type and how deep the pigmentation is, you may require multiple sessions and we can’t guarantee total removal.

Age spots are not likely to return in the same area but you may develop further spots in different areas if SPF is not used and you are exposed repeatedly to sun.

Our practitioners have decades of combined experience in lesion removal and aesthetic procedures. We only use the best equipment on the market that provides the best cosmetic results. Patient safety and care is also at the forefront of everything we do.

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Florina and Dasher are great! Really make you feel at ease and go the extra mile. They have been doing a brilliant job with my treatment and the results so far are fantastic! Thank you soo much ladies.