At Eve Clinics we pride ourselves on using the latest technology and this is no exception with our laser treatments, with state of the art lasers we are able to provide some of the most modern and up to date treatments on the market. All of our specialists are fully qualified in the handling of these lasers and are able to perform the same treatments at our clinics in Leamington Spa, Birmingham and London.

How can CO2 Laser Treatments help me?

CO2 Lasers provide some of the most advanced treatment techniques on the market providing innovative procedures and results that were never previously thought possible with non invasive surgery. At Eve Clinics we specialise in all CO2 Laser treatments and will always be willing to talk you through how our treatments can help you.

What treatments do you provide?

How does a CO2 Laser work?

Medical CO2 lasers use Carbon Dioxide to produce a high energy laser that can be used for a multitude of treatments. At Eve Clinics we use the latest technology of lasers from the worlds leading manufacturers that are both Ablative and Fractional.

An ablative laser removes the outer layer of skin and causes thermal relaxation by heating the deeper skin tissue, which stimulates the growth of new collagen, treatments like mole and scar remove get great results but can take longer to fully heal.

A fractional laser involves a cooling process by making sure the skin has time to cool before being reheated, this allows much a shorter recovery time.