Stretch Mark Removal London

Stretch mark removal specialist treatments are available in London and Leamington Spa Eve Clinics branches.

When talking about stretch marks we are bombarded with imagery of unaesthetic lines across our body. So, what exactly are they? Why do they occur and are there treatments available to get rid of them once and for all!

Eve Clinics in London, Harley Street, offers a brilliantly effective solution to improving the appearance of stretch marks, but first, let’s explain what they are. Our skin is exceptionally stretchy, the reason for this is natures gift of elastin in our skin. As we grow our skin grows with us, pretty smart right. There’s one caveat however, much like an elastic band if pulled to hard it can snap, as elastic as it is. This is very similar to the way our skin works when stretched too much, too quickly. This is the case for many preganant women where, In the space of pregnancy, their skin is stretched beyond the usual elasticity threshold. In order for the body to compensate for this, it produces scar tissue where the stretching is most prominent, allowing for ‘extra skin’ to fill in the gaps. This is also the case for many other people who find their skin stretched beyond its normal elasticity such as, body builders, people who may have gained weight rapidly or lost weight. Additionally, In some cases, trauma to the skin being stretched.

It is important to remember that stretch marks are a natural defensive reaction our body takes and although they can affect our aesthetic they are, for the most part, harmless. At Eve Clinics in London Harley Street, we offer a CO2 laser treatment which tackles the unaesthetic look of stretch marks. Our treatment is performed by highly trained specialists in laser treatments who have the care and comfort of all their clients as paramount importance. The CO2 laser treatment works by targeting the area where stretch marks are visible, the laser is calibrated to the correct setting (dependent on the outcome you desire and the severity of the stretch marks.) A numbing cream is applied to the area so little discomfort is experienced. From here, our specialists will apply the laser step by step to the area(s) stimulating the natural healing process of the skin. Each session is performed within 6-8 weeks of each other, this is to allow for the natural healing process. Our specialist usually recommends around 3 sessions, however, as each individual is different it’s important to discuss these variables with the specialist to agree on the desired outcomes and timings.

Eve Clinics at London, Harley Street, also offers a friendly and approachable environment making sure you are confident from the minute of walk in to your last treatment sessions. Consultations are also offered to make sure there are no stones left unturned, giving you full information of the treatment and the process of the procedure. This ensures both our specialists and yourself are on the same page and expectations are met.