Stretch Mark Removal

by CO2 Laser

Treatment By

Laser Specialist

Treatment Type

CO2 Laser & Vascular Laser



Treatment Time

10 – 30 Minutes

Results Seen

After 3-5 sessions



Stretch marks are a common skin concern for many men and women. They occur as a result of pregnancy, weight gain or loss and puberty and can appear unsightly on a number of areas of the body. Stretch marks can be removed at our Leamington Spa clinic by an experienced laser specialist using the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser with minimal downtime and excellent cosmetic results.

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen

  • Hips

  • Thighs

  • Love Handles (Flanks)

  • Breasts

  • Upper Arms

  • Lower Back

Stretch Mark Colours Treated

  • Red

  • Silver

Treatment Benefits

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Performed by a laser specialist

  • Excellent cosmetic results

  • Restore confidence, rejuvenate skin

  • Skin resurfacing procedure
  • Vascular procedure

Stretch marks have been a concern of many for decades and now due to advanced laser technology can be removed with minimal sessions, downtime and pain. They can occur for a number of reasons, primarily being associated with pregnancy. Weight gain or loss can also be responsible for stretch marks appearing, either over time or quite suddenly. A type of scar, they occur when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The changes cause the collagen and elastin in our skin to tear, causing the previously irreversible problem. Stretch marks can also occur due to puberty or the rapid growth of an individual. It’s important to note, patients are not always able to avoid stretch marks occurring.

Stretch marks are harmless, but can affect self-confidence massively due to their unique and unsightly look. This leads many to look for non-surgical, non-invasive ways to remove or reduce their stretch marks. Although, they are often on covered areas of the body, stretch marks can lead some to cover up more at the beach, avoid intimate relations and generally feel negative towards their body. Often when they first appear, they take on a pink, red, brown, black, silver or purple appearance. These marks can affect all skin types and over time they normally fade, but not disappear.

Red stretch marks can be painful when they appear and the surrounding skin can appear red, inflamed and dry.

We see patients with stretch marks on a number areas of the body. They can appear on the stomach area, thighs, under arms, legs, buttocks, hips or back area. Whilst there are a number of products that claim to remove stretch marks, these often come with little backed research. The best way to remove stretch marks is to undergo a safe and effective laser treatment with the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser or Candela vascular laser in Leamington Spa.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and starts with an initial medical consultation with a laser specialist. Here we will get to know your goals, take a full medical history and also provide a patch test to ensure patient safety and effective results can in fact be provided. The procedure will take approximately 60-90 minutes and patients will normally require 3-5 sessions to see the best results. This will be discussed during your consultation and an accurate quote provided. Prior to treatment we will also apply a numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable throughout. Patient safety and comfort is at the forefront of everything we do. During your session, we may be able to treat multiple areas of the skin that are experiencing stretch marks. Again, this will be discussed at your consultation. Patients will be able to see the best results 6-8 weeks after their final session.

During treatment, depending on the colour of the stretch marks, the Deka SmartXide CO2 laser or Candela vascular laser is used. We only use the very best equipment on the market, medical grade lasers and chose Deka and Candela lasers because of their proven safety record, excellent cosmetic results and comfort as well as the numerous clinical studies proving the technology. The laser targets only the damaged skin, leaving healthy skin untouched. The SmartXide Touch is an ablative laser that works by removing the thin outer layer of the affected skin. It then heats up the underlying skin to stimulate the production of collagen. As the skin is renewed after treatment, younger looking, fresher skin is revealed. The laser works to sterilize the area, resulting in no blood and little risk of scarring or hypo/hyperpigmentation. This all makes the CO2 laser a fantastic alternative to more aggressive procedures.

Whilst the CO2 laser can be used on all skin types, those with darker skin are at more risk of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. This is where the skin appears darker or lighter as a result of a controlled injury to the skin. You will be able to discuss a special protocol with our laser specialist prior to treatment where we will outline the risks and possible side effects.

Post treatment care of stretch mark removal is critical for optimal results and satisfaction. After each stretch mark removal session, it is advised to follow aftercare instructions provided by our specialists. This usually involves keeping the area clean and moisturized, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, and avoiding the use of harsh skincare products for a few days.

One of the benefits of using a CO2 Laser to treat stretch marks is the minimal downtime associated with the procedure. Most people experience only mild redness and swelling, which will normally lessen within a few days. This allows you to return to your daily routine without significant interruption.

Choosing our clinic in Leamington Spa for your laser stretch mark removal ensures you are receiving the highest care from our highly experienced specialists. Our commitment to your safety and journey, coupled with our use of the latest laser technology, sets us apart. We take pride in our personalised approach, ensuring that each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch marks will initially appear dark red, pink or brown in colour. Over time, they will fade but not completely disappear. Often the colour changes to a silvery or skin coloured scar.

Stretch marks are a form of scar that develops when the skin stretches or shrinks. These scars can appear on a number of areas of the body.

Stretch marks are caused by sudden weight gain or loss. They are mostly associated with pregnant women developing stretch marks on the stomach area when stretched.

A Patch test is paramount prior to your procedure, to decide on the best laser and approach to take.

No tan or fake tan should be on the skin if vascular laser will be used for the procedure.

We always advise to drink plenty of liquids, hydrate your skin daily and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

If you can wear comfortable and loose cotton clothes, that will be very helpful immediately after the procedure.

We advise not to wash the area treated in the first day but you can wash the next morning.

Silver stretch marks:

Immediately after the procedure, you will have a dark dots on the area treated which will fall off in about one week. Sometimes this will require more time if the procedure has been done on large and deep stretch marks. Please do not peel it off. You must leave it to come off naturally.

Red stretch marks:

If the stretch marks are red and we are using the Candela vascular laser, on the area treated you can observe a slight bruise on the area. The skin may appear much darker in colour for couple of weeks. This is like a purpura and is the coagulation of the blood vessels.

Avoid hot baths, swimming pool and hot tubs for up to 1 week. Eve Clinics will advise you to use skincare as well. You can buy our special skincare Hypericum Gel and Niaciderm or Savlon and Aloe vera gel from over the counter.

If your stretch marks are on exposed areas of the body, sun protection SPF50 should be applied for up to 3 months and avoid direct exposure for 2-4 weeks.

Depending on the type of the stretch marks we advise a minimum gap of 6 weeks in between the sessions and maximum 3 months. The longer you leave it, the better the results. The best result is observed after 3 months after each session but often our patients advise after 6 months they can see even better results.

Stretch marks are very common and can affect both men and women. Treatment is suitable for all genders, skin types and adult ages (providing over 18 years old).

Yes, we can treat even the very old stretch marks with very successful results.

Stretch marks will generally not disappear but will more than likely fade over time. As stretch marks are a type of scar, treatment will be required for total removal.

As with any cosmetic, aesthetic, surgical or laser procedure, there are risks. These include hyperpigmentation, where the skin appears darker in the area being treated. There is also a risk of hypopigmentation in all skin types. Scarring is also possible but rare. Risks are minimised by using appropriate and medical high quality equipment, like the Deka and Candela laser.

If you are pregnant, there is little you can do to prevent stretch marks. To minimise the effects, you should maintain a healthy diet and keep moisturising the skin.

Most of the time, stretch marks are successfully removed within 3 sessions. Occasionally, depending on the skin type and how large stretch marks are you may require additional sessions and we can’t guarantee total removal.

The price starts from £250 per area. Each additional area is £100 extra. Packages are available for 5 sessions. The greater number of areas treated, the bigger the discount.

Occasionally we offer 50% discount for only one session and one area called ‘’Try me’’.

If you are unsure about how much it will cost you, it is best to attend a face to face consultation, assessment and patch test.

Stretch marks are not likely to return in the same area once treated if you maintain a healthy diet and weight.

Stretch marks treatment is Eve Clinics signature procedure.

Our practitioners have decades of combined experience in stretch mark removal and aesthetic procedures. We only use the best medical equipment on the market that provides the best cosmetic results. Patient safety and care is also at the forefront of everything we do. We will provide you with our honest expert opinion and only progress with treatment if you are suitable and will be able to benefit.

We have the privilege of using 2 different medical grade lasers – Deka and Candela and we are able to combine the two lasers on the same procedure depending on what sort of stretch marks.

This is a long journey procedure and you need to make sure you are in the right hands and the right place.

Stretch Mark Areas

Stretch Mark Locations

Before and After

Stretch Marks BStretch Marks A
stretch marks 1 bstretch marks 1 a

I have started to do my  stretch marks laser treatment at Eve clinic so far, Flo has been really helping me out, had my 1st session, i am excited to get rid of all my stretch marks soon, highly recommended.


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