MonaLisa Touch®

by CO2 Laser

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Treatment Type

MonaLisa Touch®



Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Results Seen

After treatment course or after 1-2 sessions


Virtually pain free

The MonaLisa Touch® is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment using CO2 medical grade laser. The treatment helps women by alleviating vaginal atrophy symptoms such as improving vaginal dryness, treating painful intercourse, mild laxity, and mild urinary incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch® is a CO2 laser especially designed for use on the vaginal mucosa and helps to stimulate the production of new collagen and fibroblasts in the vaginal mucosa aiding with vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment is pain free, chemical free and doesn’t involve the use of any hormones.

Treatment Areas

  • Intimate areas: Vagina

Treatment Benefits

  • Stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblast

  • Restores confidence

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Performed by a doctor

  • Excellent results

  • Minimal downtime

  • Increases sexual experience

  • Treats a wide range of issues and medical conditions

Vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment many women consider as they experience changes down below. Due to ageing, childbirth, hormonal changes and the menopause, the vaginal structure changes leading women to experience potentially painful symptoms and embarrassing. Vaginal atrophy refers to thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less oestrogen. This can cause a number of symptoms including vaginal dryness, vaginal burning, genital or vaginal itching, burning with urination, pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, decreased vaginal lubrication during sexual activity and concerns with vaginal laxity. All of these can contribute towards a low self-esteem, reduced sexual experience for you and your partner and can massively affect day to day life.

Vaginal atrophy is caused by a decrease in oestrogen production in the body. This is where vaginal tissues become drier, less elastic and thinner.

There are a number of things that affect your oestrogen levels. These include the menopause and lead up to the menopause, breastfeeding, taking certain medication and as a side effect after certain cancer treatments. We see an increased number of women over the age of 50 for vaginal rejuvenation treatment with our resident doctor. We often treat the below concerns using the MonaLisa Touch® at our Leamington Spa clinic.

Pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment can reduce pain experienced during intercourse. This treatment utilises the power of the CO2 laser by stimulating the production of collagen and fibroblast in the vaginal walls, leading to the vagina becoming better lubricated and elastic. With time, after treatment sex should feel enjoyable again.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence, which is loss of bladder control, can be an embarrassing problem for many women. This can be due to the ageing process, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause. There are 2 types of urinary incontinence – Stress incontinence and Urge incontinence. Stress incontinence refers to stress or pressure placed on the bladder, perhaps during physical activities like coughing, laughing or sneezing. Urge incontinence or an “overactive bladder” is where urine leaks suddenly after you feel a strong urge to go to the bathroom.

The MonaLisa Touch® is a non-surgical CO2 laser treatment that is gentle, restores vaginal health and improves quality of life. The treatment is suitable for most, as vaginal atrophy symptoms do not discriminate. The treatment is carried out by our experienced doctor who put you at ease from the consultation. The MonaLisa Touch® by DEKA lasers is a medical laser with very few risks and little downtime. Treatment is virtually pain free too and works by stimulating the production of collagen and fibroblast. The MonaLisa Touch® is a specialist laser for intimate areas only and is backed up by advanced research all over the world and proven protocols.

Women will first attend a medical consultation with our doctor where you will undergo an assessment and we will take a full medical history. During your consultation, you can get to know our doctor to ensure you are in the very best hands. Our vaginal rejuvenation specialists will be able to provide you with a suggested treatment plan including the number of sessions needed to see the most effective results. There are usually three treatments, performed every 4-6 weeks until you can see an improvement in your symptoms.

During treatment, a small metal probe will be inserted carefully into the vagina. This will deliver laser energy to the vaginal area and vaginal mucosa to stimulate the production of collagen, fibroblast and elastin. The MonaLisa Touch® triggers the natural repair process, promoting improved lubrication and restoring healthy tissue. It will also restore balance to the mucous membrane. Because the laser sterilises the skin, you will not see any blood. The success rate for treatment is very high in women experiencing hormone related vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is relatively easy and you will not require any anaesthetic.

After your treatment course, you should expect an increased blood flow to the vagina and stronger, thicker and more flexible tissue. Typically, patients will experience very minor side effects but this can vary from patient to patient. Some report minor discomfort, burning, swelling or itching. You may appear a little red and sore.

The MonaLisa Touch® is backed by decades of research and clinical studies comprehensively testing the safety of the laser. It is a very popular laser therapy for women’s health and has been performed hundreds of thousands of times around the globe. Manufactured by DEKA, the medical laser market leaders, the MonaLisa Touch®, unlike many other CO2 lasers is just for use on the vagina.

Patient Confidentiality

At Eve Clinics, patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance. All personal and medical information shared during consultations and treatments is kept strictly confidential. Our clinic adheres to the highest standards of privacy to ensure a secure and comfortable experience for every individual seeking private area treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the extent of your concerns and your individual concern, we will suggest the correct number of sessions needed during the consultation process. There are usually three treatments, performed every 4-6 weeks until the symptoms will be improved.

For urinary incontinence, you may require more than 3 sessions but you can see an improvement from the very first session.

The MonaLisa Touch® session can be completed in a matter of 15 minutes, making it the perfect treatment option for vaginal rejuvenation.

A drop in oestrogen levels causes vaginal atrophy.

You may appear a little sore and red following treatment. Occasionally you may have some mild and temporary discharge.

After the procedure, please allow up to 1 week to recover. You can avoid sexual intercourse whilst you heal if needed.

Patients do not need to prepare in any way prior to treatment. Please reschedule the appointment if the appointment is during your period, or if it will start straight after the procedure. Please come to your appointment wearing loose cotton underwear and clothes.

Please shave 2 days prior to your procedure on the area to be treated. Avoid waxing creams.

Yes, please stop using your steroid cream one week before and one week after the laser treatment.

Following your vaginal rejuvenation treatment, please try not to itch or touch the treated area. You should also avoid sexual intercourse in the first week. You should be able to shower the following day.

Please avoid hot baths, swimming pools and hot tubs for up to 1 week.

Please take it easy for a couple of days. You can exercise after 3-4 days but choose your exercise wisely so not to cause discomfort.

Ideally patients should wait 4-6 weeks minimum in between sessions to see the most effective results.

Results aren’t permanent; most patients need maintenance treatments every 12 to 18 months. It doesn’t work for everyone.

The MonaLisa Touch® treatment addresses vaginal laxity and provides vaginal rejuvenation for the vaginal mucosa, it is not a vaginal tightening treatment for the vaginal muscles.

The treatment itself is virtually pain free. You may experience some discomfort whilst the probe is inserted.

Vaginal dryness can occur due to the vagina’s natural lubrication levels decreasing. This is caused by lower level of the hormone oestrogen.

As with any aesthetic, surgical or laser procedure, there are risks involved. This is why our doctor needs to make sure that you are a good candidate for this procedure before you can go ahead.

Those with the following concerns may not be suitable for treatment:

  • Abnormal smear test
  • You have or you had recently infections in the private area
  • Severe urinary incontinence
  • Severe laxity
  • You have coil fitted
  • You have mesh
  • You suffer with prolapse

You shouldn’t have the treatment if you have given birth in the past 3 months, you are breastfeeding or you are pregnant.

We specialise in intimate treatments for females here in Leamington Spa. Our practitioners have decades of laser experience. DEKA SmartXide CO2 laser MonaLisa Touch® manufactures have a special interest in women’s health and have published several white papers involving doctors and professors from all over the word regarding vaginal atrophy.

Patient safety is also at the forefront of everything we do. We will provide you with our honest expert opinion and only progress with treatment if you are suitable and will be able to benefit.

It has been 7 months since I have been undergoing my treatment plan. From the start I was given a very honest and realistic expectation of the treatment.