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Welcome To Eve Clinics

Eve Clinic in Birmingham has now opened its doors for people dealing with unaesthetic skin conditions mainly, addressing pigmentation irregularities, skin rejuvenation, tightening and resurfacing in the case of acne scars or post-cosmetic surgery scarring like tummy tuck scars, stretch marks and so on with the help of the revolutionary and innovative DEKA lasers, namely the DEKA SmartXide Touch and DEKA MonaLisa Touch CO2 technologies which have proved to ensure excellent cosmetic results.

With the help of the MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser, women facing intimate conditions can also find a solution in treating various genital issues in a non-surgical and painless manner, benefiting from a quick recovery and no downtime.

Our Eve Clinic team consists of experienced practitioners in the field, all operating under the close supervision of the clinic’s main specialist, Florina Borsan, who has build a professional reputation over the years in various cosmetic branches, from professional beauty product treatments to aesthetic laser therapies.

Browse our website for more information on our cosmetic laser treatments, or simply call us at our eve Clinic in Birmingham to schedule an appointment and directly discuss with one of our specialists. We can find the best personalized solution for you and help restore your self-confidence through an improved appearance. Feel good on the inside by looking good on the outside!

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