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with the CO2 Laser

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20 – 30 Minutes

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Fordyce spot removal in London is a specialised treatment using the CO2 laser. It involves minimal downtime, no incisions and a very minimal risk of scaring. Fordyce spots are a common skin concern and they can appear in clusters on a number of areas including the lips, cheeks, male and female intimate area (including scrotum and labia) and gums. These spots are generally harmless, however can be a cause of concern for many as they can appear unsightly. Luckily, our renowned Eve Clinics Harley Street clinic, home to leading Urology surgeon, Mr Richard Viney, is here to help.

Treatment Areas

  • Penis and Scrotum Fordyce Spots

  • Labia Fordyce Spots

  • Fordyce Spots on Cheeks

  • Fordyce Spots on Lips

  • Fordyce Spots on Gums

  • Fordyce Spots on back and chest (rare)

  • Angiokeratoma or Red Fordyce Spots

Treatment Benefits

  • Virtually pain free treatment

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Performed by Urology Surgeon

  • Simple, quick treatment

Fordyce spot removal at our prestigious Harley Street clinic is a popular treatment for many experiencing this minor skin concern. Our effective approach utilises the cutting-edge CO2 laser to delicately target the affected areas. Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce granules, commonly manifest on the lips, cheeks, and genitalia. Despite their appearance, these spots are neither painful nor contagious.

Diagnosing Fordyce spots can be challenging for the average person, often leading to confusion with other conditions, including sexually transmitted infections. We strongly advise against self-diagnosis and encourage seeking professional medical advice. While these spots may seem unsightly, rest assured they are entirely harmless. Typically appearing in white, yellow, or red clusters, Fordyce spots are usually small, often no more than a millimeter in diameter. Due to their size and location, many individuals opt for non-surgical, non-invasive removal methods.

The origin of Fordyce spots is believed to be linked to clogged pores or sebaceous glands, although the precise cause remains unclear. What is known is that these spots tend to become more prevalent with age. Cosmetic removal of Fordyce spots can be carried out on anybody over the age of 18, or with guardian approval starting from 16 years old. 

Experience a simple, quick, and pain-free removal process with the state-of-the-art SmartXide Touch CO2 Laser by DEKA at our Harley Street clinic. This method is suitable for all skin types, with minimal risks involved. Surgical removal is not recommended for Fordyce spots, as it carries the potential for scarring or hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation. The controlled removal process stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities to encourage new collagen production. Thanks to the laser’s sterilising effect, you will not see any blood during the procedure. Most patients require only one session for effective results, though severe, long-term cases may need additional sessions.

With a global presence in over 120 countries, DEKA stands at the forefront of innovation in the medical sector worldwide, offering unparalleled applications and systems for medicine, surgery, and aesthetic dermatology.

To begin your journey, schedule a medical consultation at our aesthetic clinic on Harley Street. During this appointment, we will conduct a thorough medical history review and address any questions you may have. A patch test is required before treatment, and the duration of the procedure, typically between 20 and 30 minutes, depends on the number and distribution of Fordyce spots. Afterward, patients can typically resume their daily activities immediately.

Fordyce Spot removal on the intimate area:

Fordyce spots frequently can on the penis or male intimate area, affecting the shaft or head and presenting an unwanted appearance. This may also impact relationships and the desire for intercourse. Fortunately, these spots are neither infectious nor dangerous. They can also found near female genitalia, particularly around the labia. Removal is primarily cosmetic, catering to individuals concerned about potential embarrassment or their partners’ perceptions. As your safety is paramount for us, we take pride in having on board our highly experienced Urology surgeon, with over 30 years of expertise in private male area treatments, specialises in the successful removal of these spots. 

Fordyce Spot removal on the lips area:

The procedure can precisely target Fordyce spots on the lips, commonly known as Fordyce granules, utilising the cutting-edge CO2 laser technology. The treatment is gentle, effective, and ensures minimal discomfort for the patient. Fordyce spots, appearing in white, yellow, or red clusters on the lips, are a common cosmetic concern, but our CO2 laser approach allows for a quick and relatively pain-free solution. Trust our expertise to enhance the aesthetic of your lips, with the assurance of a safe and efficient removal process.

Patient Confidentiality

At Eve Clinics, patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance. All personal and medical information shared during consultations and treatments is kept strictly confidential. Our clinic adheres to the highest standards of privacy to ensure a secure and comfortable experience for every individual seeking private area treatments.

Before and After

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Fordyce spots are not contagious on any part of the body.

Possibly. Fordyce spots are known to appear in clusters so often during treatment, we are able to remove all lesions in the area being treated. However, if the condition is severe, you may need additional sessions and this can be advised in the consultation.

There is normally no more than few days downtime with CO2 laser Fordyce Spot Removal. However, the area treated/fresh new skin may have different colour up to a few months, sometimes longer.

The treatment process is simple and effective. After assesment by our Doctor, we will clean the area and apply a numbing cream. This is important as it makes the treatment comfortable for all. We will then start to apply the laser to the area by gradually moving the handpiece to each lesion. Once we have finished with the laser, the area will appear darker before the spots start to peel/fall off. You may also experience temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation or long term in rare circumstances.

No. You do not need to prepare for the procedure before attending our London clinic.

If the Fordyce spots are on the lips, please shave near the area to avoid hair getting in the way. If the spots are on the scrotum, penis or labia, please also share the area.

We advise not to wash the area treated in the first day. Please use sterilised water only to wash in the coming days after treatment. If the treated are is on an exposed area of the body, please apply sun protection.

Our specialists will advise you on the best skincare to use following treatment. Sometimes the doctor will advise antibiotic ointment to be applied up to one week.

Hot baths, swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided for up to one week but you can have normal showers from the second day.

If the lesions are on the lips we advise not to drink or eat hot food immediately after procedure as the area may be numbed.

If the lesions are on the private area, we would advise not to have penetrative sex for up to one week and use a condom for up to 2 weeks. Keeping the area clean and dry will be helpful.

The precise origin of Fordyce spots is still unclear, likely arising from a combination of biological and environmental influences. These spots are frequently attributed to the excessive growth of sebaceous glands, a phenomenon that certain studies connect to hormonal fluctuations and/or elements during embryo development.


Fordyce spots may gradually reduce over time, however they won’t disappear overnight.

CO2 laser Fordyce spot renoval comes with minimal risks. That said, scarring can occur, although it is rare. Hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation can also occur, but again, the risk is very minimal.

Fordyce spots are not a sexually transmitted infection.

Yes, you can travel immediately after procedure. Most of pur patients are from far away including from abroad, included long journeys by airplane and so far they had no problems.

The lesions treated are not likely to return, however there is no lifetime warranty and new lesions may develop in time near the once treated.

Removing Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots Lips – CO2 Laser Removal – Harley Street

Fordyce Spots – Procedure

Spotting Fordyce Spots


I went to Eve clinics to get a skin tag and DPNs removed. I spoke to Florina and had a consultation with the doctor and they were both really nice and professional. Everything was done the same day and she called me after to check up on me and how I was healing. The skin healed nicely with no scars. They also have very good prices too. Would recommend 5/5.


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