Seborrheic Keratosis Removal

by CO2 Laser

Treatment By

Laser Specialist

Treatment Type



Minimal to None

Treatment Time

15 – 30 Minutes

Results Seen

After 1 session



Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions are dark, benign skin growths that appear in adulthood. They are also known as Basal Cell Papillomas or Seborrhoeic Warts and can appear on any part of the body, however most often found on the face and neck area. All skin types can develop these lesions and there are a number of Seborrhoeic Keratosis removal treatments. We use the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 laser at our Leamington Spa clinic that offers minimal to no discomfort or scarring.

Treatment Areas

  • Face

  • Neck

  • On the scalp

  • Shoulders

  • Back

Treatment Benefits

  • Quick removal

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Performed by a laser specialist

  • Minimal sessions required

  • Amazing cosmetic results

Seborrhoeic Keratosis removal at our clinic in Leamington Spa involves using the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 ablative laser. Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions are a skin concern that develops as a result of ageing and looks like a warty spot, often dark brown. They can appear on all skin types and often start to appear after the age of 50. Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions can either be raised or flat to the skin. They can appear on just about any part of the body and are harmless, not usually causing any pain or discomfort. It is important to have suspected Seborrhoeic Keratosis checked by a Doctor to rule out any more concerning skin conditions or melanoma.

The cause of Seborrhoeic Keratosis is unknown and although they are normally harmless, they can affect a patient’s self-confidence. They are benign and are due to build-up of dead skin cells. It is also suggested that excessive sun exposure can increase the chances of developing Seborrhoeic Keratosis. Patients with lesions should never pick or scratch the area as this can lead to scarring and bleeding.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis or Basal Cell Papillomas can appear in groups and more often than not, patients will have multiple lesions on the body. They normally appear on the face, scalp and neck area.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis can be removed quickly with little downtime, using the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 ablative laser. The laser works to break down the tissue, without affecting the nearby area. Using the CO2 laser reduces risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. During treatment, no bleeding or slicing of the skin occurs, making it a comfortable procedure, performed by our laser specialists after being assessed by our in house doctor. The CO2 laser is also safe for Seborrhoeic Keratosis removal around the eye area, although it could result in temporary blurred vision.

Prior to your Seborrhoeic Keratosis removal treatment, you will attend a medical consultation with our Doctor. He will assess the lesion to rule out any other skin conditions and check whether the lesion is suitable for removal. During your medical consultation, we will provide you with the aftercare you need to follow after the procedure and also the estimated number of sessions needed to completely remove the lesion. We always aim to remove the entire lesion, including the roots to discourage any regrowth. To make the procedure more comfortable, we will give you a numbing injection or cream.

The procedure will take around 20 minutes depending on the number of lesions that need to be removed. The CO2 laser treatment does not require any downtime so you are able to return to normal daily activities immediately following the procedure. You may experience some slight swelling or redness which will subside in the days after treatment.

The CO2 laser produces excellent cosmetic results and we use the DEKA SmartXide Touch model. DEKA are known for their innovation of medical technologies and are present in more than 120 countries. Our experience of lesion removal and using lasers spans decades, only using the very best technologies and healthcare equipment.

We offer free revisions for up to 3 months if there is any reoccurrence of the lesion. If scarring occurs, Eve Clinics specialise in scar removal too and patients are invited for treatment. Please see the scar management page here.

Eve Clinics in Leamington Spa is a medical clinic offering lesion removal to patients in Warwick, Coventry, Southam and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can remove a number of Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions during your session with our Doctor.

The recovery time using the CO2 laser is very minimal. The area following treatment may appear a little sore and red. If the area treated is around the eyes, we advise you not to drive in the hours following treatment.

A Couple of days after treatment you may develop a fine scab on the area treated. This will peel off naturally in approximately one week. Please do not pick it off. Leave it to come off naturally otherwise you will increase the risks of scarring or hypo/hyperpigmentation.

After the scab falls off, the skin will look fresh/pink, and it may take a couple of weeks or more to return to normal colour.

Treatments are very simple and quick so you do not need to prepare for the procedure in any way.

Please avoid water on the area treated until the next day. Avoid swimming pools, hot bath and saunas for up to one week.

Our clinician can advise you of the appropriate products to use after the procedure, like Hypericum gel, Soft derm. This can be bought from the clinic. Alternatively, you can use Aloe Vera and Savlon for up to 2 weeks on the area treated.

Sun protection should be applied if you go outside and the area is not covered. If you have any concerns, please contact our clinic.

Men and women of all skin types can develop Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions as they age.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis will not disappear over time and removal is needed.

Following a Seborrhoeic Keratosis removal treatment, there is a small risk of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. This is where the skin appears darker or lighter in the area being treated. Scarring is also possible but very rare when using the CO2 laser. If scarring occurs, Eve Clinics specialise in scar removal too and patients are invited for treatment. Please see the scar management page here.

The DEKA CO2 laser is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of removing skin lesions including moles, skin tags and Seborrhoeic Keratosis. It produces excellent cosmetic results and has the fastest recovery times. Surgical removal can result in scarring and comes with other surgical risks.

We have very experienced laser practitioners who remove Seborrhoeic Keratosis lesions quickly and painlessly. We use the best equipment and employ Doctors with decades of experience in lesion removal.

Whilst we are unable to guarantee you results after one session, the CO2 laser usually requires only one treatment.


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