Skin Tightening

by CO2 Laser

Treatment By

Laser Specialist/Doctor

Treatment Type

CO2 Laser/ Vascular Laser



Treatment Time

40 – 60 Minutes

Results Seen

3-6 Sessions



The skin tightening laser treatment at our Leamington Spa clinic uses the DEKA SmartXide Touch CO2 laser combined with radiofrequency to reduce excess skin on the face and body caused by the ageing process. The procedure involves minimal downtime and works to stimulate the production of collagen. The laser targets the damaged skin, leaving healthy skin intact and restores elasticity.

Treatment Areas

  • Body

  • Around the eyes (Madonna Eye Lifting) without RF included

  • Face

  • Neck Area

  • Décolletage

  • Safe for delicate areas

Treatment Benefits

  • Tighten skin

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reverses the signs of ageing

  • Suitable for skin types 1-3

  • Performed by a laser specialist/doctor

  • Restores skin elasticity

  • Minimal downtime

During the ageing process, our skin loses elasticity due to the production of collagen and elastin declining. This leads to sagging skin around the face, neck and body areas. Loose skin can also be caused by weight fluctuations over time and genetics. Loose skin can appear on a number of areas of the body, with the most common complaint about sagging on the face. Jowls, which are the loose skin and flesh under the jawline are a common result of the ageing process and can be treated with the CO2 laser. Hooded eyes are where excess skin folds down from the brow line. They can also be treated as our laser is safe for delicate areas. Of course, we also help to tighten skin on the body too, including back of the thighs, lower abdomen and “bingo wings” on the upper arms. We can also improve the skin laxity above the knees.

Many report that these imperfections contribute towards a tired look, especially on the face. By undergoing a skin tightening treatment at our Leamington Spa clinic, we can restore a youthful appearance with very natural looking results.

We use the medical grade device, Smartxide Touch CO2 laser to perform skin tightening treatments. It works primarily be stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is the natural protein found in our body that helps to strengthen skin, keeping it elastic and wrinkle free. Unfortunately, this declines as we age. By stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin fibres, skin quality is improved, resulting in a reduction of fine lines & wrinkles too. It repairs damaged skin whilst leaving the healthy skin tissue unharmed. Following your treatment course, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifted appearance with a noticeable reduction in loose skin. You’ll also notice smoother skin with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.

There are many skin tightening devices and treatments on the market, however we believe that the Smartxide Touch CO2 laser is most suitable and gives some of the best results. Produced by DEKA, the medical laser company is backed by decades of research and clinical studies. They are very well known for enhanced patient safety and satisfaction.

Prior to your treatment, all patients must attend a face to face medica

l consultation with our laser specialist or Doctor. We’ll first take your full medical history and carry out a patch test to ensure you are suitable for treatment. During your consultation we will also assess your problem areas and put together a treatment plan, advising you how many sessions will be needed for optimal results. You’ll also be able to ask any questions about the treatment and voice any concerns you may have. It’s important that you get to know your practitioner during this time and feel comfortable.

Once you have decided that you’d like to proceed with treatment and the patch test result is positive, we can begin treatment. For this treatment, we will first apply a lidocaine numbing cream to make you feel more comfortable. The treatment can sometimes be a little uncomfortable and many patients report the feeling of elastic bands on the skin. Of course, everybody’s pain threshold is different. We need to also wait for the numbing cream to come into effect.

The procedure will take around 20-30 minutes and the laser works in pulses whilst gliding over the skin. During treatment, the Smartxide Touch CO2 laser will remove the top layer of the skin, to make way for fresh skin to be produced. The risks of complications are very low due to the decades of research and clinical studies. The risk of hypo/hyperpigmentation is low; however we need to apply a special protocol for skin types 4-6 or we can use an alternative laser for darker skin types.

Please be assured that because the laser sterilises the skin, you will not bleed.

After the treatment, your skin will appear a little red and sore, similar to the sensation of sunburn. However, this will subside and you’ll soon be left with tighter, resurfaced skin. Normally, as the skin heals patients will experience little brown dots at the treatment site. These will disappear within a week of treatment but may feel itchy towards the end of the recovery process. We’ll provide you with all of the aftercare instructions to ensure the best results.

Patients are advised to use the appropriate skincare to speed up the recovery process and improve the results. Our laser practitioner can advise you of this during your consultation.

Those with darker skin types (4-6) may not be the best candidates for Co2 laser because of the increased risk of post inflammatory pigmentation. For this reason, we would advise the Candela Nd-Yag medical grade vascular laser. This treatment is much safer in skin type 4-6, has a quicker recovery time, fewer risks involved and is ideal for all skin types starting with 30+ male and female patients.

Because there is no down time, treatment can be done in your lunch break and you would need 4-6 sessions every 2-4 weeks.

Treatment cannot be carried out around the eyes, so we would advise you to combine it with the Madonna Eye Lifting.

The treatment is ideal for the lower part of the face and neck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, patients will require 1-3 sessions to see the best skin tightening results. Our laser specialist will suggest the exact number of sessions required to treat your individual skin concerns. This will depend on the extent of loose skin.

Following the skin tightening procedure, you’ll notice your skin is a little red and sore. This will subside in the days following treatment. You should apply a cold compress, aloe vera, Savlone to the skin to help. We can also offer a choice of Eve Clinics specialist skincare.

After a couple of days, you will see small brownish dots on the area treated, this are the micro punctures of the laser and has to be left. These will peel off naturally within 1 week.

Patients are not required to prepare for the procedure in any way. If the procedure is being carried out on the face, please do not wear make-up to your appointment. Please ensure you have had a patch test too.

You should also stop using any Retinol or high strength skincare on the area to be treated up to 2 weeks prior to the procedure. If you use Roaccutane, you need to stop 6 months prior to Co2 laser treatment.

Antihistamine can help with the puffiness if you are not allergic. Please check with the pharmacist what would be best for you.

Make sure you are fully hydrated, and you have no important engagements to attend for one week as the recovery time may take up to one week.

Wash your hair prior to treatment, so you don’t need to do this immediately after procedure, it may be uncomfortable for the area treated, especially when the face is involved.

If you wear contact lenses, please make sure you have a replacement.

Please reschedule if you have any infections on the area to be treated or you have been in the direct sun in the last week.

Make sure you have some cold compress in the fridge if needed.

Depending on the area, if you are attending by car and you are far away, it might be a good idea to stay over in a hotel until the next day or to have a lift back home.

If you have suffered previously with cold sores, you need to take Acyclovir up to 7 days; you should start the treatment couple of days prior to the skin tightening treatment. We can provide a private prescription at Eve Clinics.

If you have cold sore on the treatment day, please rearrange for couple of weeks later.

Firstly, and the most importantly, if the treated area is on an exposed area of the body, do not go in the direct sun for 4 weeks and apply sun protection for the next 3 months. Ideally you should always apply sun protection when you go outside. Please make sure you find your favourite sun protection, so you can use it daily.

Do not pick at the brownish dot, please leave it to heal naturally. Otherwise you may risk scarring and pigmentation.

We advise not to wash the area treated in the first day. Please use sterilised water only to wash the area in the coming day after treatment. Please avoid hot baths, swimming pools and hot tubs for up to 1 week. You should also avoid wearing make-up for at least 4 days if the treatment was on the face.

You should use Savlon for up to one week in the morning and evening. Antibiotic ointment can be provided if need be.

Hypericum gel, Spring water spray, Soft derm serum and lotion from the Atache brand can help and speed the recovery time.

After 2 weeks, pure vitamin C Biological Triple Antioxidant Night Protector is recommended to help the effect of the laser.

Delay up to 4-6 weeks any other facials or laser treatments on the face, like laser hair removal. You can always call us and double check.

If the skin tightening treatment is on your face, you should leave time to restart your skincare routine. Please allow 2-4 weeks until you return to your normal skincare routine. Eve Clinics will provide you with some samples to try from our dermatological skincare Atache if you wish to try it.

Men and women can experience signs of ageing, so both are suitable for treatment.

Prior to treatment we advise you to book a consultation and patch test with our specialist. Our specialist will create a personalised plan for your treatment taking into account your goals. Ideally there would be a gap of 3-6 months in between sessions.

The best results are shown 2-3 months after each treatment but many times, the patient is happy to let us know that even after 6 months they can still see how the skin is improving.

Skin tightening with CO2 laser for large areas of loose skin is not suitable for Asian and African skin types because of the risk of the hyperpigmentation.

However, we can treat small areas if the skin has been prepared with melanin inhibitors before and after treatment. Also, we need to wait 4 weeks after the patch test prior to treatment.

No direct sun is allowed for up to 6 months and sun protection has to be used for up to one year.

As with any aesthetic, surgical or laser procedure, there is a small risk of hyperpigmentation, where the skin appears darker in the area being treated. There is also a risk of hypopigmentation in all skin types. Scarring is also possible but rare. Risks are minimised by using appropriate and high quality medical equipment and patch test.

Those with darker skin types of 4-6 may not be the best candidates for Co2 laser because of the increased risk of post inflammatory pigmentation. For this reason, we would advise Candela Nd-Yag medical grade vascular laser.

This treatment is much safer in skin type 4-6, has a quicker recovery time and fewer risks involved

The skin tightening with the Candela vascular laser is ideal for all skin types and is a fantastic alternative to Co2 laser if you don’t have a very loose ptosis or you can’t afford the recovery time involved because of a very busy lifestyle.

You can start from age 30+ and treatment is suitable for male and female patients.

Because the down time is very short (only a few hours), the skin tightening with the Candela laser can be done in your lunch break, is not painful, is quite enjoyable and feels like you are lying in the sun.

Depending on the ptosis, we would advise you 4-6 session every 2-4 weeks. Daily professional skincare at home is recommended, please ask your specialist at Eve Clinics to provide you some samples and recommendations.

The Candela laser can’t be done around the eyes, so we would advise you to combine your skin tightening treatment with the Madonna Eye Lifting.

The treatment is ideal for the lower part of the face and neck but it can be done on the forehead, arms, or other parts of the body as well if the ptosis is not very loose.

The DEKA CO2 laser is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of rejuvenating the skin. Patients are able to avoid the surgical risks and are able to enjoy the fastest recovery time. Our laser gives you the best cosmetic results too. Often surgical skin lifting procedures cost much more than a non-surgical option and come with more risks.

Skin tightening with CO2 laser is our signature treatment. Our laser practitioners have decades of combined experience in aesthetic and skin procedures and specialise in skin tightening procedures. Our CO2 Laser Specialist Lead, Florina Lewthwaite is an accomplished trainer and one of Deka’s CO2 Laser specialist experts in the UK; she has trained a wide variety of Doctors and Laser Specialists including highly reputable Harley Street Specialists.

We only use the best medical equipment on the market that provides the best cosmetic results. Patient safety is also at the forefront of everything we do. We will provide you with our honest expert opinion and only progress with treatment if you are suitable and will be able to benefit. You have the opportunity at Eve Clinics to combine special and unique laser protocols to achieve your expected and desired results.

Before and After

SkinSurface 3 BSkinSurface 3 A
SkinSurface 2 BSkinSurface 2 A

It has been 7 months since I have been undergoing my treatment plan. From the start I was given a very honest and realistic expectation of the treatment. Florina is absolutely AMAZING and makes you feel very comfortable to ask questions which she is able to answer with great detail due to her subject knowledge. She also understands how different skin tones, skin types, ethnicities etc can have a impact on the outcome and is able to suggest what treatments will be best suited to give optimal yet safe results. The clinic is highly maintained and very clean. The pre-care and post-care instructions are thoroughly explained. Products from the Attache brand have also helped to improve results of the treatment – please stick to it and do not get lazy in missing days! The treatment prices are WAY better than those who offer same/similar treatments but for a ridiculous amount in other locations (which are usually based very far too, usually near or in London). The Leamington Spa Clinic is the maximum distance that I was prepared to travel (please do not move and please open more clinics nationwide especially within the West Midlands. Thank you Florina! :)

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