Do you have whiteish-yellow plaque like build up around the eyelids? Not sure what they are? It could be Xanthelasma

Could you have Xanthelasma but not sure? It’s one of those thigs that many people can have but not quite sure what they are! Xanthelasma is a skin condition which is characterised by yellowish-white plaque like material which builds up under the skin and, commonly, on the inner corners of the eyelids. It is important to note that this particular condition is somewhat harmless and no affect to the eye or the function of the eyelids is present. However, due to the nature of the condition whereby size of the lesions can increase it can be that they become painful or irritating. It any case many people decide to remove Xanthelasma due to their aesthetic challenges and irritating nature.

There is no one cause of Xanthelasma, it can be caused by either genetics or a side effect to some long-term medical treatments. Moreover, Xanthelasama, more commonly, is a lipid disorder which causes the accumulation of too many lipids (fat build-up) in the blood stream.  It is known that Dyslipidaemia can be caused by high cholesterol (over 200mg/dl) which causes the excess build-up, where the build-up can no longer sustain itself in the bloodstream and it finds its way to the surface of the skin.

At Eve Clinics in Harley Street, we offer an easy option for anyone looking to improve their aesthetics. Our specialists are highly trained to identify your Xanthelasma condition through a thorough visual examination at the clinic. In addition to this our specialist may request a medical history. The reason for this is to eliminate the any genetic factor which may be the cause of the Xanthelasma, from here the appropriate treatment will be recommended and actioned.

Eve Clinics in London, Harley Street, offers specialists which are highly experienced in non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments. The clinic also uses incredibly sophisticated, high end technology such as the DEKA CO2 laser. Our first point of recommendation would be the DEKA CO2 laser removal. This is because the procedure is one of the best and recommended for those seeking minimal invasive and minimal scarring solutions to their cosmetic treatments. This is especially the case for removing Xanthelasma due to the sensitivity of the area in which it most commonly affects. What’s more is that any pain or discomfort is expertly kept to the absolute minimum due to the application of an anaesthetic cream which is applied to the area before using the DEKA CO2 Xanthelasma laser removal, so rest assured that the treatment is not only comfortable but pain free.

Due to the uniqueness of each individual our specialists at Eve Clinics in London Harley Street offers a consultation to those seeking this particular treatment. This is so an examination can be performed to see the affected area and what course of treatment will be required. In addition, due to the expertise of the specialist, you can expect high standard results where no damage is caused to the adjacent tissues which results in minimal scarring.

If this sounds like a treatment which could be for you then do not hesitate to contact the clinic, even if you just have questions about the treatment or the condition, we are happy to help and help you on your journey to a better, more confident you.