Upper Lip Wrinkles Removal

Upper lip wrinkles are a concern for millions of women across the UK. One of the first and often most prominent signs of ageing, upper lip wrinkles can make an appearance at almost any time of life. Men can also develop upper lip wrinkles, though it is an issue that primarily affects women aged 35 and over.

Individuals with fairer skin are statistically more likely to develop upper lip wrinkles than those with darker complexions. Additional underlying factors that can result in the development of upper lip wrinkles include:

  • Sun exposure– The upper lip is particularly sensitive to UV radiation and can be damaged easily by exposure to the sun.
  • Loss of volume– A natural part of the aging process, loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the surface of the skin can lead to wrinkling.
  • Smoking– Both the toxins in cigarettes and the physical pursing of the lips when smoking can accelerate lip wrinkle development.

Lip wrinkling cannot necessarily be prevented, but there are various methods by which the appearance of lip wrinkles can be reduced, or even eliminated.

C02 Laser Treatment for Upper Lip Wrinkles

At Eve Clinics, we provide cutting-edge CO2 laser treatments for all types of upper lip wrinkles. By far the most effective treatment available, CO2 laser wrinkle reduction can also be surprisingly cost effective.

Laser resurfacing is multi-dimensional skin treatment, addressing the issue both on the surface of the skin and at a much deeper level. A fine layer of surface skin is ablated, encouraging a new layer of skin to form with a smoother and more youthful appearance. Meanwhile, precise application of CO2 lasers triggers accelerated collagen production beneath the surface of the skin.

The result of which is a significant and lasting improvement to the skin’s tone, smoothness and suppleness. All from a procedure that’s 100% non-invasive, with little to no downtime and no dangerous side effects to worry about.

Upper Lip Wrinkle Removal Leamington Spa

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience, our skilled team of specialists has the knowledge and expertise to treat a wide variety of common skin complaints.  We tailor all aspects of the services we provide to meet the individual preferences and priorities of the clients we work with. Whether you’ve noticed the first signs of upper lip wrinkles or would like to treat a more advanced case, we’re standing by to help.

Prior to going ahead, we’ll guide you through the available options and establish whether or not you’re suitable for CO2 laser treatment. We’ll also provide you with a clear indication of the costs, should you choose to continue with your laser treatment. Eve Clinics is committed to improving the confidence and life-quality of clients across the region, through the latest non-invasive skin treatments and technologies.

To find out more, or to book your consultation, get in touch with us today and look forward to a smoother, younger-looking complexion.