Post liposuction cannula scar laser removal

Liposuction is a more or less invasive cosmetic surgical procedure consisting in the insertion of cannulas or hollow tubes in the targeted areas of the body for effective excess fat removal. Depending on the volume of fat to be eliminated, liposuction can either be performed under general anesthesia or a local anesthetic. Still, due to the fact that incisions are made, scars will remain, and depending on your type of skin, they will be more or less visible.
In case, the post liposuction cannula scars are visible and aesthetically disturbing, at Eve Clinics, we provide an effective follow-up laser treatment for scar removal. The procedure is performed with the innovative DEKA laser technology, it is minimally invasive, painless, quick and offers satisfying cosmetic results.
Our Eve Clinics team of professionals will be advising you every step of your way towards achieving the expected looks. From performing the liposuction procedure itself, to providing proper aftercare and minimizing post liposuction scars, we will take care of everything.
As mentioned above, post liposuction cannula scars can be aesthetically challenging due to their size and appearance. People with darker skin types, are prone to develop hyperpigmented cannula scars, due to the higher level of melanin in their skin. On the other hand, cannula scars can also become hypopigmented, the insertion areas becoming lighter in colour, mostly due to friction and a loss of melanin formation.
The first step in minimizing post liposuction cannula scars is making smaller incisions. If however, this is not possible, due to a larger quantity of fat to be removed and thus, to the use a larger cannula, proper wound care is another solution. Naturally, scars will occur, but their appearance is dependent on your skin’s ability to fully heal. When all the abovementioned are still not a satisfactory cosmetic result for our patients, Eve Clinics comes with an alternative solution. The DEKA laser technology is well-known for its skin repairing effects, especially in scar removal.
The practitioner uses the DEKA laser device strictly on the affected area, destroying the scar tissue and generating new collagen production and thus, the formation of a new, healthy-looking layer of skin. Complete post liposuction cannula scar removal is not guaranteed, yet impressive cosmetic results are always achieved. Again, the cannula scar removal laser procedure also depends on the patient’s type of skin, but our Eve Clinics practitioners can obtain remarkable improvements.
To find our more about the post liposuction cannula scar DEKA laser removal treatment or to schedule a consultation, simply contact Eve Clinics and we will be more than happy to provide all the necessary information and details to help you complete your desired transformation.