CO2 laser cosmetic mole removal

//CO2 laser cosmetic mole removal

Moles are an increasingly unsightly cosmetic issue that people deal. Although a certain number of moles are normal, you may be one of those individuals who is bothered by their position, size or appearance. Mole removal has become a common treatment lately due to the advances in medicine and cosmetics, which is why, if you feel your self-confidence and look are affected by the moles on your body, our skin specialists at Eve Clinics in Birmingham can assist. Eve Clinics has one of the best solutions at hand: non-surgical CO2 laser therapy with the Smartxide Touch.

Moles can appear immediately after birth or later on in life. Left alone and providing you develop no sudden changes, they are harmless from a health-related point of view. We recommend that your moles are checked regularly and if sudden changes in size, colour or texture appear, you should consult a specialist. From a cosmetic point of view, moles require removal either because of their size, or because of their location: moles on the face, especially when large, can affect one’s self-confidence, or moles on your body which can get caught up and hurt when getting dressed, shaving or wearing certain tighter clothes that create friction.

We recommend a prior consultation so the specialist can do a visual check-up of the mole and eliminate the possibility of a potentially malignant condition. The CO2 laser cosmetic mole removal treatment in Birmingham is quite simple. Using the innovative DEKA SmartXide Touch laser device which combines the CO2 laser and radio frequency, the mole is destroyed from the inside, through a process called thermolysis (vaporization). This action stimulates the production of new collagen, which helps with a faster healing process and rejuvenated, new skin. The CO2 laser mole removal procedure is non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless and virtually scarless minimum scar to none. Not to mention that it is performed in a matter of minutes with no downtime required.

At Eve Clinics in Birmingham we are using the Nevisense and C-Cube digital dermatoscope alongside biopsy to sure we can assess with maximum accuracy the risk of melanoma.

All you need to do is contact Eve Clinics in Birmingham and one of our specialists will take care of you outlining all the steps and implications of the CO2 laser cosmetic mole removal treatment. If you agree to this cosmetic treatment, you can undergo it the same day you come in for the consultation. This is especially important for people outside Birmingham. Side-effects and scarring are minimal and depends on each person’s skin type.

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