Skin Lightening/Whitening

Co2 laser skin lightening treatments are as popular as ever. Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers experienced CO2 laser treatment specialists who endeavour to give clients the results they are looking for. The big question is why are people so actively seeking skin lightening and what are the benefits?

Our bodies produce melanin which is a natural pigmentation that gives our skin it’s colour. In some area’s hyperpigmentation occurs where the skin is darker than the surrounding areas. The most common areas for these sorts of hyperpigmentation are underarms, elbows, neck and intimate areas. For those seeking an even tone of the skin, lightening is their first point of call, but what treatments are being offered. The most common treatments for these irregulates are using bleaching agents to lighten the skin. The caveat here is that bleaching agents are highly chemically involved which, much like most chemicals, can cause prolonged irritation and, with constant use, skin damage. Furthermore, bleaching agents are only applied to the first layer of the skin, which in turn means results fade relatively quickly, thus creating a vicious cycle of chemical application.

Hyperpigmentation on the intimate area is very common during pregnancy, hormonal changes, sun damage, age and hereditary.

All is not lost, Eve Clinics in London, Knightsbridge, offers an alternative that steps away from chemical application and enters a world of sophisticated and clinically proven laser technology. But what does that mean? CO2 lasers treatments don’t just lighten the surface of the skin, they go deeper than that, quite literally. The CO2 laser stimulates the skins natural collagen protein which allows for non-hyperpigmented skin to show through, thus creating an even look with the surround area. Not only is the procedure itself safe but it’s near painless. Our specialists at Eve Clinics in London Knightsbridge are experienced and trained in making sure comfort is at its absolute maximum. A numbing agent is applied to the area, left for 20-30 minutes then the laser treatment is steadily performed. The results of this treatment are fantastic and last significantly longer than any bleaching treatment on the market.

Depending on the area of the treatment and how deep the pigmentation is, at Eve Clinics London Knightsbridge recommend up to 3 lightening treatments on the same area with a gap of 6-8 weeks in between. Sometimes more treatments are required and we advise to use melanin inhibitors on the area treated in between sessions. This will help you to avoid the PIH which in turn will help with the expected results. Skin care lightening is available at Eve Clinics.

When considering skin lightening first consider in which area you want the lightening. There are of course more sensitive areas of the body where laser treatments can prove difficult. Contact us today to book your consultation where we will discuss the co2 laser treatment with you.